Save some green with windshield repair and scratch removal by Heckman Glass Masters!

Heckman Glass Masters has a repair first policy. Let us show you why!

Windshield Repair

  1. Windshield repair saves you money and time! The cost of windshield repair is a fraction of the cost of total windshield replacement. That keeps green in your wallet. Windshield repair also takes a fraction of the time to complete.
  2. Heckman Glass Masters is committed to ecological conservation. Windshield repair allows us all to reduce our environmental footprint. Here’s how:Windshield Repair decreases the amount of glass that fills our landfills by restoring the structural integrity of your original windshield keeping it where it belongs; installed in your car.Windshield repair conserves energy and emissions by decreasing the amount of new glass being manufactured and transported. Glass manufacture and transport is an energy intensive process.

    Repairing your windshield saves raw materials and keeps our planet green.